Saturday, February 21, 2009

Road tax

The president said Friday that we were not going do it now. What you ask is it? It is the idea of switching from a tax per gallon of gas to pay for road repair to a tax on miles driven. You put a G.P.S. device into every car and keep track of how far it’s driven and over what type of roads.

As we as a nation use less gas because of higher prices, more efficient cars, and new electric vehicles the government gets less and less in taxes for roads. It is apparently being considered on both the state and federal level as an alternative to the current system of a tax on gas consumption.

There are two big problems with a tax on distance driven. First of all it would take away any incentive to switch to smaller more efficient cars. Why not drive your old gas guzzler if it’s a matter of distance not gallons. More importantly it would be unfair to a large number of rural drivers who have no choice but to drive long distances on a regular bases.

If you grow up in the city you don’t realize that significant portions of the population have no public transportation and must drive long distances just to shop or work. I live in a rural area and a large number of the people I know routinely drive twenty miles or more round trip just to get to work each day. Wither it’s a tax on miles or gallons they get the short end of the stick. At least with a tax on gallons of gas used they have the chance to get a more efficient vehicle and cut back on the gas they use. With the distance system there is nothing they can do to lessen the burden this would place on them.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


My wife and I have no kids. Thirty seven wonderful years of marriage filled with countless shared experiences both good and bad, but no kids. No kids of our own that is lord knows we had lots that belonged to others. Nieces, nephews, god children, the list goes on is growing with each new generation.

When we were first married our friends had kids and they called us aunt and uncle. Now they’re married and have kids and we’re aunt and uncle again. We have been in their weddings, held their babies when they were born, and even taught some of them to drive. We bought one his first suit and another her dress for the big dance.  We’ve taken them fishing, camping, to amusement parks, and to the mall. We’ve listened to them when they needed someone to tell their troubles to and let them know they had someone to go to when they were in trouble and afraid to tell their folks.

One thing I can honestly say after all this time is we were and are truly blessed. God took what might have been a hole in our marriage and filled it with the best family we could have ever asked for. I can’t begin to imagine what life has in store for us; but if it is filled with even half the experiences of the past thirty seven years, I can’t wait.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Bike

I started looking at bikes with the eye to getting one this spring. A bike will give me mobility since we are down to one car and my wife has that at work all day. It will also help me get my daily exercise which I need if I want to get rid of my middle-age spread.

Unlike some people my age that have mountain bikes with fancy hi-tech gears and frames, I’m looking at a nice tricycle by Schwinn. First of all it’s a name from my childhood. When I was growing up you either had a J.C.Penney or a Schwinn. Most importantly it has a nice big basket on the back to put things in if I want to take along my camera and tripod.

Not far from my house is White Pine Trail, a Linear State Park also known locally as rails to trails. It is over ninety miles of hiking and bike trail that was once the railroad. With my tricycle I can ride the trail, take pictures, and just enjoy the great outdoors as I piddle myself back into shape.

I am well aware that an overweight old man on a tricycle is not cool. In fact the sight might be considered comical, but I’ve lived long enough to no longer care. What matters is getting back in shape so I can enjoy going places with my wife.