Sunday, May 3, 2009


It’s been a busy week, the weather was rainy the first few days and then it turned more spring like. With the sun out I started working on cleaning up the yard and getting ready for planting some flowers in a couple of weeks. The leaves are opening on the trees, the grass is growing, and everything has that bright fresh look of new life after the long death of winter. Even the birds say spring, all the migrates are back with the exception of the humming birds and I should see them any day now. The Rose Breasted Grossbeaks and the Orioles arrived this week adding their bright colors to the yard.

I’ve been out riding my trike on the Rails To Trails State Park. I try to ride everyday if the weather is nice and each time I try to go a little further. It links up with the city’s North End Park so there is no shortage of places to go. It’s surprising how out of shape I let myself get, but the riding helps. I’m hoping it will also give me an opportunity to take some photos along the way, I may not be the greatest photographer in the world but I have fun taking pictures of flowers and wildlife.

It’s the start of a new week and a new year in my life as I’m going to turn fifty eight this week so I guess I will keep trying to stay active and breathing for another week. Till next time keep me in your prayers and remember to enjoy each day.