Friday, August 7, 2009

Is There A Bathroom ?

Lets talk about bathrooms, both public and privet. They are without question a necessity in this world and the older we get the more of a necessity they become. Between pills that cause one to need them more often and other age related needs it behooves one to know the answer to that important question; “where is the bathroom?”

The problem is that even when you know the answer it still might not do you any good. Besides the occasional out of order and closed for cleaning signs, there are those of us in this world who can’t use it because we don’t fit. We are the people who for one reason or another require more space then other people.

It isn’t just the size of the space that creates problems; it’s the way it is arranged. It would seem that the people designing and building these areas lack a certain amount of common sense. They place the toilet to close to the wall, mount toilet paper dispensers that fut out six inches into space you need for your knee, or don’t allow enough space between walls. On top of that some of them seem to have forgotten that if you are right handed you can’t hold on to the support bar and wipe your butt at the same time. I have been in more than one bathroom where the toilet was up against the right hand wall with two feet of space and no bar on the left.

There are some places that seem to care, but way too many appear to have thrown something together to satisfy the A.D.A. act. Still they are doing something, they could just hang out the “no public restroom” sign and we would have no place to go.