Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Let us give thanks.

It is the day before Thanksgiving and we need to take the time to set back and be thankful for everything that has happened in the last year.That's right I said everything that has happened. Good or bad, these are the things that makeup the fabric of our life. Each event is a lesson, there to teach us about God's plan for us.

We need to give thanks to Him for each event in our life, for He is there to guide us and protect us. Like a wedding vow; we are in this life for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health till He calls us home. Let us give thanks that He is now and always will be there when we need Him.

So dear readers as you share this holiday with your family and friends remember to be thankful for all that has happened. Have a happy Thanksgiving and may your life be filled with His love and blessings.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Class Of 69

Next year the class of 1969 will celebrate its fourth reunion. I think I might go. In the past I haven’t gone or had a desire to do so, but this time I might go.
It might be nice to see some of those faces from the past.

True they are people I knew, but the truth is I never really knew them. Our lives touched for those few short years and then grew apart. Now they are just names on a list at places like, without a face or anything other than memories from the past.
Still I want to see them again, just to see who they are and where they have been. We will talk about our past and what we are doing now. We will wonder why we never kept in touch and promise to write or call. Afterwards we will all go home and let those addresses and phone numbers gather dust. We may foreword an e-mail we got from a friend of a friend, but we won’t stay in touch. Strangers with a common past, we will mingle and go back home.

Yes I think I might go. Maybe they won’t remember who I am.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Want To Be A Friend?

I sit here staring at the computer screen, wondering what to say. You must forgive me if I ramble; I’m not at all sure what I want to say.The word friend comes to mind as a topic.

It is a word that I have seen a lot lately. Every networking site on the net uses it. They want you to look for friends. You should invite friends to join you. He wants to be your friend. Click here and make this person your friend. The term is thrown around a lot. A friend is someone you can talk to. It is someone who respects your point of view and values your opinion. In this life there are lots of people you know but very few friends.

Perhaps we need to find a different word to use on the sites. Friends should be people you know and respect. Everyone else should only be someone you would like to share ideas with. If you read my blog and I read yours that does not make us friends. Maybe if we share ideas and comment on each others thoughts. If we reach a point where we respect each others opinions and enjoy seeing what we have to say, than we could be friends. Until than I will be glade to add you the list of people I share with, but I will be very careful who I put on that special list called friends.I sit here staring at the computer screen, wondering what to say. You must forgive me if I ramble; I’m not at all sure what I want to say.