Sunday, December 20, 2009


Something about sitting alone at a computer in the middle of the night makes one think of mortality, old age, and losing one’s loved ones.

As we get older it seems that our warranty begins to run out, our parts give out, and we discover our body is subject to recall by its maker. We look around and discover that the multitude of people that surrounded us at twenty has shrunk to a handful. The question becomes not if but when someone else that we know will slip away to that quite place, that great unknown that waits for all of us in the end.

The wonderful world of medicine is working overtime to find a way for us to live forever, but I wonder who would want to. In the end if we live long enough we will find that the things we knew have ceased to exist and we are living in someone else’s world. Technology will have dragged us into a future that that will leave us longing for “the good old days”. A future populated by things we never dreamed possible and run by children. Pushed out of our comfort zone and striped of the familiar faces and places of our youth, we look for places where we can gather with our fellow survivors and remember the past.

Mankind was never meant to live forever, this life is but a step on the road we must follow as the true person inside this shell grows and becomes one with the universe.