Thursday, April 16, 2009

Product Warnings


A Watercraft Warns: Never Use Lit Match or Open Flame to Check Fuel Level

Two-Pronged Fishing Hook Warns: Harmful If Swallowed

A Curling Iron Warns: Do Not Use While Bathing or in Shower

Children's Dimetapp Warns: Be Careful When Driving a Motor Vehicle


There was a time when common sense was what governed peoples actions, when you did something dumb and got hurt it was no ones fault but your own. If you fell out of a tree chances are your folks would ask what you were doing climbing that tree, today they would call a lawyer and sue the owner of the tree.

It might seem fun to look up dumb warnings from products, but they would not be there if someone hadn’t tried to do those things in the first place. We live in a world where people do thing that common sense should tell them not to do, and when they get hurt they sue. It’s not their fault they should have been told not to do it. How were they to know that they could get burned by ironing their clothes while wearing them? The fault lies in the company that made the iron, not in them so the company should pay.

There it is, if I get hurt someone else is to blame and I should be compensated for my pain and suffering. After all if they had warned me I would not have been hurt.