Tuesday, January 12, 2010

History 101

A funny thing about history, its maintained by a handful of people and their view is the one we grow up believing is true. What we are taught is what we know, making are teachers the custodians of the truth. When the generation that has lived through events is gone, only the teachers are left to keep the true history alive.

That said we must realize that the true history of an event depends on how you view it. It is said that the winners of a war write the history of it, but if you were not the winners does that mean your version is wrong? If both histories reflect the same events seen from two points of view the answer is no. The trouble comes when events are forgotten or whitewashed to change the way one side or the other is seen by the observer.

As we grow older we have an obligation to make ourselves aware of what today’s youth are being taught. The text books of today include events we have lived through and we are the ones who know what may be omitted in an effort to edit information that will reach today’s youth.

In the end when all is said and done it is our responsibility to make sure the past is passed on to today’s youth, least we should forget some event that should live on in history.