Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

In the year 2010 I will do my best to improve my life by doing the following things.

This is the time we look at our life and resolve to change things for the better. For most of us the list is made up of things like losing weight, stopping a bad habit like smoking, or starting a something new like a job or hobby. No matter what we put on the list we promise faithfully that we are going to follow the list and become a better person.

Unfortunately most of us never manage to live up to our list. Try as we might we fall short of the lofty goals and expectations we have set for ourselves; and in the end we watch them go down in flames. The fact is we make the list based on the shortcomings we see in our life and fail to realize that if we could change we would have long ago.

For this reason I’m suggesting that we all should resolve to look for things that are not so hard to change. Things that would make a difference in the little corner of the world we live in. Things like saying I love you to those we care about, telling others thank you when they do things for us, or looking for little acts of kindness we can perform for people we meet along as we travel down this rocky road we call life.

I’d make that a resolution and add it to my list, but then it would never get done.